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Country Events Summer Fashion Picks

Summer is one of the most event-filled seasons of the year, including fan favorites like state fairs, music festivals, and rodeos! But what should you wear to these different events, especially when the temperatures are rising? Nigro’s wants to help you dress your best for each occasion – here are a few stylish but practical tips for summer event outfit ideas. Denim Overall Shorts

What to Wear: State Fair

There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to dressing for the state fair, so consider what you plan to be doing. Some girls may opt for a cute romper and take photos with their friends at various food trucks; this is a great choice! Sometimes romper material can be a bit stiff though – in which case Nigro’s recommends comfortable shorts and cooling tops. One trendy option is this pair of cute overall shorts. For anyone who plans to be playing any games, however, you’ll want to choose something a little more athletic to wick away any sweat. Whatever outfit you’re wearing, make sure you have on shoes that securely fasten to your feet for any rides! Don’t forget to keep the sun out of your eyes with a ball cap!

What to Wear: Music Festival

For the best Instagram and TikTok content, we recommend stylish and flattering flowy midi or maxi dresses – maybe even a romper of comfy material. Be sure to wear your most comfortable tennis shoes – you’re going to be on your feet for awhile!

A red and white Summer dress.

Your outfit style will likely depend on the concert genre (rock, country, indie, etc.) but mix in a bohemian piece to bring out all the festival vibes. You may want to tie a button-up around your waist for cooler night air.

What to Wear: Fourth of July Party

Going somewhere patriotic? Any good Fourth of July party has great food, fireworks, and of course, flag-themed décor. Keep the red, white and blue but mix it up with intriguing patterns or even a monochrome look. Nigro’s favorites include a red and white dress and this blue dalmatian-print romper!

What to Wear: Country Concert

When it comes to concert wear, you can’t go wrong with cowgirl boots, denim, and a t-shirt or flowy top. Keep it simple! We do recommend these flattering denim shorts for all your dancing and photo op needs.

What to Wear: Line Dancing Dark blue denim jeans.

Avoid anything too tight for line dancing – you have to be able to move. Nigro’s suggests a shirt with jeans or a skirt – you might want to skip the cowboy hat here depending on your level of spins. Plaids are a country staple for a reason; their moisture wicking properties will come in handy!

The key is to stay comfortable during this workout of a dance – some line dancing experts even wear tennis shoes! Heels will murder your feet so keep it to the sneakers or these stylish Macie Bean boots. Dancing on a cooler night? Skip the skirt and wear these perfect rise wide leg jeans!

What to Wear: Baseball Game

Denim shorts with rips and tears. Keep it casual! Pick your favorite bottoms: denim, shorts, or leggings. Nigro’s dark wash, wide-leg, jeans and fantastic denim shorts are both a timeless and popular choice! Next add a comfy top like a neutral t-shirt, a sweatshirt for cooler nights, or the jersey of your favorite team. Stadiums can be really hot or surprisingly chilly depending on the day and the wind factor. If you’re wearing a short sleeved top, grab this jacket to keep you warm just in case.

What to Wear: Rodeo

Unless you’re competing and need to wear protective, comfortable gear, the rodeo is a place to blend fashion and practicality. A few current trending pieces of stylish country wear include shackets, snakeskin patterns, and custom boots. See more details here!

Ready to dress for summer event success? Three tips to remember: Dress according to what you’ll be doing, what the weather will be like, and – most importantly – your own personal style! Women's boots with floral pattern.

Nigro’s – For All Occasions

Downtown, around town, or out-of-town, one thing’s for certain – Nigro’s has the ideal custom boots and super-stylish outfits that’ll make the perfect summer statement no matter where your feet wander!

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