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Order your Nigro’s Exclusives for holiday gifting while a full range of sizes are in stock! It’s hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is here! Nigro’s currently has an excellent selection of Exclusives from Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean, and Olathe, but in just a few weeks Nigro’s inventory selection and range of sizes of cowboy boots will run low. Start your holiday shopping for others – or yourself – while Nigro’s still has a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from!


Nigro’s selection of Exclusives is always changing with styles arriving throughout the year.

Nigro’s Exclusive Cowboy Boot Styles

Nigro’s Western Store is one of the few retailers in the nation to have an exclusive collection of styles from three of the western wear world’s top cowboy boot manufacturers – Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean, and Olathe Boot Company.

These boots are designed by Nigro’s own David “L.D.” Nigro. His extensive knowledge of cowboy boots comes from years of showing cattle in livestock shows around the country and even more time spent working at the family western store. His passion for boots sparked his partnership with Rios of Mercedes, an iconic boot brand that got its start back in 1853.

Rios boots set the bar incredibly high when it comes to premium, artisan-crafted, American-made boots. Using the highest quality of standard and exotic leathers and time-tested tooling methods, Rios of Mercedes boots are the gold standard of cowboy boots.

The Rios of Mercedes Family of Brands has grown over the years to include a number of other names, including Anderson Bean and Olathe Boot Company. Anderson Bean was founded in the early ‘90s and is known for combining classic elements boot wearers have loved for decades with modern innovations, creating boots that are both contemporary and timeless.

Men’s Olathe Tan Orly With 16″ Buffed Blue Sky Tops.

Olathe Boot Company is credited by many with having created the modern-day cowboy boot and a robust mail-order system that got these boots out to cowboys across the country. It’s one of the few boot brands available today that still maintains the authentic, American-style boot look – notably in toe and heel profiles. Today, Olathe boots are made by hand alongside Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Beans in Mercedes, Texas with the same exceptional attention to detail and quality materials.

Nigro’s Exclusives – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

You can’t find any of Nigro’s Exclusive Rios, Anderson Bean, and Olathe designs at any other western store. L.D.’s designs are sent to the factory in Mercedes, where the world’s finest boot artisans make them by hand exclusively for Nigro’s. A pair of Nigro’s Exclusives makes an excellent addition to any boot enthusiast’s collection.

Nigro’s Western Store limits the number of each pair of boots designed by L.D. So, it’s often the case that when a style sells out, it’s gone for good! As the holiday shopping season approaches, Nigro’s Exclusives quickly become scarce. So, if you have your eye on a pair for a friend, loved one, (or yourself!), now is the time to make a purchase!