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The NFR – Western Style Meets Rodeo Finals

The National Finals Rodeo returns to Las Vegas this December and, no surprise, after over 70 years of rodeo finals, the show is quite impressive. From December 2nd through 11th, venues up and down Las Vegas Boulevard will roar with the excited cheers of crowds enjoying thrilling displays of riding, racing, and roping.

No less impressive than the actual rodeo finals is the unofficial – yet equally lively – western fashion show that will be on display nearly 24-hours a day in not only the Vegas arenas, but also in most every hotel lobby, bar and casino in the greater Las Vegas area.

If you’re making your first trip to the NFR your eyes are in for a westernwear treat. And, if you do plan to attend, what do you see yourself wearing? If you’re a woman, is your go-to a print sundress and your favorite boots? Or maybe your comfiest jeans and a t-shirt better suits your style. Cowboy hat or ballcap? Finding that perfect balance of comfortable and fashionable can be a little intimidating when you’re headed to an event like the National Finals Rodeo, but no worries, Nigro’s is here to help!

All About NFR

The 2021 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo will be held Thursday, December 2nd through Saturday, December 11th at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. Organized by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), this event is the leading championship of the whole country and the annual final rodeo of the PRCA season.

Top competitors gather to show off their hard work, to compete with their best skills, and to celebrate cowboy traditions and the freedom of the American way of life in the West. Spectators can expect to witness a wide variety of exciting events from Bareback Riding and Steer Wrestling to Team Roping, Barrel Racing, and, of course, Bull Riding!

The top cowboys and cowgirls of the country will all be gathered, along with their sponsors, a host of country music celebrities, and even a few NASCAR stars. With all the celebrities in attendance and in a host city like Las Vegas, the show within the NFR show will definitely be western fashion!

Fashion to Watch for This Year at NFR

  • Shackets – These shirt/jacket combinations are the perfect overshirt for any outfit. This year wooly shackets are quite the trend, especially if they have a plaid exterior. Shackets may also be flannel, canvas or some color of soft denim. Wear your shacket over a light tee and ripped jeans for that casual but styled vibe.
  • Fringe – We’re glad to say, fringe is back! Choose a jacket with fringed sleeves or show off a skirt hemmed with long fringe. Flirty and fun, fringe adds a little movement to whichever piece of clothing you prefer – even custom boots!
    White Boots – Speaking of boots, white boots are all the fashion for women right now. White over-the-knee boots are certainly fashionable, but what’s all the rage are white cowboy boots or high-ankle boots. Pop some of these bad boys on to brighten your step!
  • Black Denim Skirts – We love a good blue denim, understand, but we can’t ignore that black denim is having a full moment right now. Reminiscent of rock and roll but country-style, black denim is flattering and stylish on just about everyone. Pair this skirt with a graphic tee, a neutral sweater, and – of course – your boots!
  • Large Jewelry – Gold and silver chains are out in full force this year, and who doesn’t love a classy statement piece? Notice the links are larger and the pieces of jewelry themselves are bigger. This applies to more than chains, however. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are all on display this year. The bolder and bigger, the better.
  • Turquoise Jewelry – A timeless Southwestern staple, turquoise jewelry has been valued for centuries thanks to Native American tribes. Eye-catching and intriguing, turquoise is a lovely addition to any outfit.
  • Snakeskin – A little western, a little boho, this pattern makes a striking impression! The look is really complemented with a little black denim, but snakeskin can easily be overdone. Stick to one snakeskin item per outfit – like custom snakeskin boots or even a snakeskin bag.
  • Hats – While a ballcap will often do the trick, the NFR is the place to pull out all the stops. American Hat Company, Resistol, Rodeo King and Ariat – wear your cowboy or cowgirl hat with pride! There are plenty of colors and styles to decide on from black to brown to white. Choose a color that matches your complexion and find a style that frames your face well. Nigro’s can help with this – we’ve got plenty of hats for both men and women! Stop by today and we’ll find the perfect western hat for you!
  • Custom Boots – One of the top fashion markers at the NFR is boots. Of course you can wear your sturdy, broken in work boots or you can opt for trending styles, but the best way to show off your NFR sense of fashion is with your own pair of custom boots. David Nigro Jr. is not just a boot salesman – he’s also a boot designer. With an exclusive line of custom-made boots, David Nigro Jr. partners with Anderson Bean to create one-of-a-kind looks. In fact, he will be wearing own of his own designs to the NFR this year. David’s line of exclusive, limited-quantity boots is available at Nigro’s on Merriam Lane!

Choosing What to Wear to A Rodeo

Once you’ve learned the essentials of Rodeo Fashion, it’s important to choose your own outfits based on your level of comfort and your own style.

It’s quite easy to overdo your rodeo outfit if you’re not careful; you don’t want to end up looking like a total rookie. Pair basic key pieces with complementary accessories, and choose one or two standout items for that high-fashion rodeo look.

Still struggling to piece together the right outfit? Serena at Nigro’s has a knack for putting together stunning and fashionable outfits. Pick up a few key pieces to complete your look – or find your entire outfit at Nigro’s for a big win! Peruse the looks below, order online, or – if you’re in the area – drop by Nigro’s to see more outfit ideas or to ask about our exclusive, David Nigro-designed boots!

Most importantly, no matter what you wear, make sure to have a great time at the rodeo!

NFR Fashion Week Gallery