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Nigro’s reels-in three new Horse Power Top Hand cowboy boot styles – featuring Big Bass leather!

Big Bass leather has become a prime choice for quality boot enthusiasts in search of a unique look and have a taste for the exotic – but are also seeking all-day comfort.

“Big Bass” is another name for the arapaima, or pirarucu, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Native to the Amazon, they have been known to grow as long as 10 feet. The leather crafted from the arapaima is exceptionally flexible and soft and, thanks to the large skin, there is plenty to work with when fashioning exotic boots. the leather’s softness is favored for conforming to the foot – while also standing tough against the elements.

Horse Power Top Hand Big Bass – Unmatchable style meets the perfect balance of comfort, quality, and affordability.

Thanks to its one-of-a-kind visual aesthetic, for many boot owners big bass has become a statement leather of choice. Like other scaled leathers, big bass boasts a distinct scale pattern, typically in a range of gradient hues. Thanks to their boldly unique texture and coloring, big bass boots speak for themselves, offering eye-catching style with no need for additional frills and embellishments.

Horse Power Top Hand Boots

Horse Power is a member of the Rios Family of Brands, established in the wake of the success of parent company Anderson Bean. When Anderson Bean boots hit the market, buyers were immediately drawn to their expert construction, premium quality, and the brand’s notable ability to combine modern trends and timeless styles. Horse Power was born of this same dedication to craftsmanship but with a more accessible price point. Through long-standing partnerships in Leon, Mexico, Anderson Bean works with manufacturers who employ skilled boot artisans who share a commitment to the creation of quality cowboy boots – enabling the production of top-of-the-line boots at a budget-friendly price.

Horse Power boots from the Rios Family of Brands are prized for their exceptionally durable construction and wide range of fits. Horse Power’s Top Hand Collection – including the Big Bass – features the same quality and comfort as the standard Horse Power collection but with added premium features such as exotic leathers, leather stacked heels, and upgraded cushion insoles.

These new Big Bass styles from Horse Power won’t stick around Nigro’s for long! Grab your size before it’s gone!