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Gorgeous Cowgirl Boots and One of a Kind Handbags and Wallets at Nigro’s!

Macie Bean Boots

When it comes to women’s boots, Macie Bean has the reputation for being the best, and for good reason! Since its start in 2007, the company has created truly inspired boot styles as a tribute to the generations of amazing women of the American West who may not have been fully recognized in history. Embracing both traditional and modern styles of design, Macie Bean has truly excelled in creating a full range of trailblazing, elegant styles. Macie Bean’s trendsetting blend of southwestern and bohemian influences are apparent – as is their signature highly-detailed floral embroidery and use of premium leathers.

Macie Bean boots are part of the Rios of Mercedes family, so buyers can be confident that each boot is crafted by expert artisans following innovative, yet time-tested production techniques. Macie Bean boots are designed to stand out in a crowd – but also provide miles and miles of incredible comfort and reliable durability.

“Because boots aren’t just something we wear—they’re a tool that should fit and serve us well on our journey to new frontiers.”

– Macie Bean Boots

Check out Nigro’s Western Store’s current top Macie Bean picks!

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Keep It Gypsy Bags & Clutches

These unbelievably popular new bags and clutches are items Nigro’s female customers and staff alike are extremely excited about! Keep It Gypsy bags are high-end, handmade works of art featuring genuine Louis Vuitton leather details. These well-made bags are beautiful and highly unique accessories that are available in numerous vibrant and eye-catching designs. Each piece is a showcase-quality accessory that’s sure to make any occasion feel a bit more special. Each Keep It Gypsy bag, wallet, and wristlet is entirely handmade in the U.S. using premium quality materials, including Keep It Gypsy’s signature up-cycled leather designs from Louis Vuitton – a design touch that lends an added touch of elegant luxury to each item.

Keep It Gypsy accessories make excellent holiday gifts – for others or yourself! Shop the collection at Nigro’s below!