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Nigro’s – Home of One-of-a-Kind Exclusives from Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean

All Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean boots are handmade by expert leather-craftsmen in Texas – these are boots that have risen to fame for many a good reason. Each and every boot is hand-crafted by world-class boot artisans. These are craftsmen that don’t cut corners, and their meticulous passion for excellence and extreme attention to each and every detail ensures the quality of every pair of boots they create. These boots are more than a great investment, they’re the kind of boots that are built tough and made to last for years and years to come. When you buy a pair of Rios of Mercedes or Anderson Bean boots, excellence is assured.

But there is a level above excellence. And that level in know as “Exclusive.” The one of a kind boots known only as Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean “Exclusives” are boots that Nigro’s Western Store sells exclusively; custom designs, found nowhere else in the world, designed by Nigro’s and crafted by Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean boots.

Who designs Exclusives for Nigro’s?

L.D. Nigro and David Sr.

Every pair of Nigro’s Exclusives boots from Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean are designed by a third generation Nigro family member, son of David Nigro Sr., known as Lil’ David, now known better know as L.D. Nigro. L.D. is the 3rd generation of Nigro family members to run Nigro’s Western Store. He’s been around the store most of his life, officially beginning work at Nigro’s at the age of 18 – and he’s been around ever since.

L.D has a natural talent for designing incredibly striking, one-of-kind, extremely custom boots for Nigro’s customers through a unique partnership with both Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean.  Passion paired with superior quality is what makes these Nigro’s Exclusive custom boots the ultimate choice for both boot connoisseur’s throughout the U.S – and around the world. For cowboys and casual western-wear aficionados alike, there is truly nothing like a pair of Nigro’s Exclusives made with the passion, precision and care of Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean.

Nigro’s Exclusives – Designed with Passion, Made with Precision

Nigro’s Exclusive boots come in a variety of styles, sizes, and price points. And, thanks to L.D.’s creativity, broad knowledge of leather, and hands-on skills at manufacturing, each and every Nigros’s exclusive design is an exquisite, one-of-a-kind custom work of art. Whether you’re searching for a pair of boots to wear out on the town or a pair to throw in the stirrups – there’s definitely a pair of Nigro’s Exclusive’s ready made to meet your individual taste and performance needs.

L.D. Nigro works directly with Rios of Mercedes owner, Trainor Evans, who purchased the brand in 1975. His simple maxim about boot-making – “You get what you put into it” –  aligns with L.D.’s respect for these boots, making them great partners.

When it comes to designing new boots, L.D. says he keeps in mind the simple elements people enjoy most about their boots, and one very tried and true axiom, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” By keeping a keen eye on boot features buyers prefer most while simultaneously keeping another eye wide open mind to broad inspiration, often from the boot-making past, L.D. has been able to consistently design, create, and manufacture some of the most show-stopping Exclusive boots in the world.

L.D.’s design process misses almost nothing when it comes to designing a new pair of Exclusives. He begins by handpicking a flat leather, which comes from animals such as bison, cows, or horse; or an exotic leather ethically sourced from animals like elephants, hippopotamus, Nile crocodiles, and ostrich for the vamp. While engaging in this process, L.D. also takes into consideration how long the leather will need to be tanned. This is a process that determines how the leather color is altered – which also plays a major role in the final pricing of the finished boots.

L.D. then must also decide on a specific style for the heel and toe of  the boot. Nigro’s Exclusive boots typically have an 11/8 in. roper heel or an 11/2 in. underslung heel. A roper heel will be a little lower and provide a more stable base while the underslung heel tapers slightly and is designed to help prevent the boot from slipping out of the stirrup. For the toe, most of the Nigro’s Exclusive Boots feature either a wide square toe or a cutter toe.

The highly precise stitch pattern that appears on the shaft of the boot is handpicked by L.D. as well. Once the detail design of the upper is decided, L.D. chooses the best thread colors to pair with the rest of the boot. For example, L.D. makes sure that for boot styles designed for tucking in – often styles made for hardworking cattlemen and ranchers – there’s an eye-catching stitch pattern to show off.

Men’s Rios of Mercedes Navy Janis Reversed with 13″ Navy Janis Reversed Tops

L.D. says his favorite Nigro’s Exclusives design at this particular moment are the Men’s Rios of Mercedes Navy Janis Reversed with 13” Navy Janis Reversed Tops. These deep blue boots are rough-out steer with a full leather lining; they’re also excellent for long wear times and are water-resistant. These Nigro’s Exclusives feature a cutter toe with a leather stacked 11/2 in. underslung heel.

New Nigro’s Exclusives arrive at the store regularly. When in Kansas City, stop in to check them out in person. The good news is, you can also find any and all Exclusives online!

Explore the Exclusives at Nigro’s Western Store here. Each of these styles are available for a limited time only in limited quantities before a new style replaces them. Check the online store often to be the first to know when a new design is released!

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