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High Quality, Limited Quantity –
Custom Designed Boots at Nigro’s

An Experience, Not Just A Boot

Crafted with practical purpose and yet also designed to impress, cowboy boots remain an iconic and traditional symbol of the West. An essential tool for hard, demanding work, a historical icon, and even – at times – a status symbol, the western boot has a rich and meaningful history.

“The cowboy boot was borne out of necessity before it became a potent symbol. The high tops protected the wearer’s calves from rubbing on saddle leathers and from scrapes from thorny brush he rode through. The loose fit in the heel and lack of laces allowed a potentially lifesaving exit from the boot if he was unhorsed and his boot got caught in a stirrup. The metal shank under the arch of the foot permitted a cowboy to stand in stirrups for long hours at the trot. The high heel helped keep the foot from sliding forward through the stirrup. Cowboy boots were designed for riding…” G. Daniel DeWeese writes in “The Boot Seen Round the World” from True West Magazine.

“Today, the vast majority of cowboy boots sold around the world never come in contact with a stirrup. With lower tops and lower heels, these boots are made for walking. But they have taken on another, equally important role in modern life. They are a personal statement made public—a leather canvas for artistic and cultural expression.”

At Nigro’s, we take cowboy boots seriously. We believe that boots are meant to be high-quality, both functional and sharp-looking. We believe in boots that get the job done right while still serving looks. Boots are an experience. They are a nod to the days gone by, a celebration of a rich culture, and a comfortable, durable, reliable pair of footwear for any job and any occasion.

Excellent Quality Western Boots

Nigro’s Western Apparel, located in Merriam, Kansas, offers a wide variety of shoes, hats, clothing, and – of course – a large selection of western boots. Among these high-quality offerings are the Anderson Bean, Olathe, Horse Power, and Macie Bean boot lines from the Rios of Mercedes Family of Brands. “When I got a really good look at Anderson Beans, I knew there was something special about them,” David Nigro Jr. told Anderson Bean representatives. “The comfort and fit of a Rios and Anderson Bean, there’s nothing like it…They have a look, style, and profile like no other boot. I can spot one from a mile away.”

One of Nigro’s specialties is their production of custom western boots. While Nigro’s does feature the best of the best boots in-store, David Nigro Jr. has a unique partnership with the Rios of Mercedes brands. He works at his family’s western apparel store to customize several boots from the Anderson Bean and Rios of Mercedes lines.

Limited Quantity Western Boots

Nigro Jr. partners closely with the Rios of Mercedes crew to custom design boots especially for Nigro’s. From the boot color to the cut, each boot is custom-designed by David Nigro Jr. himself – even the stitching patterns! With ethically sourced exotic skins and a myriad of materials, shapes, and colors, these top-notch boots are crafted for boot wearers with the finest taste. High-quality, extraordinary boot brands paired with unique, exclusive styles? A winning combination. Many customers in search of distinctive, distinguished boots enjoy purchasing from David Nigro Jr.’s exclusive, limited-quantity line. This is part of what sets Nigro’s apart from other western apparel stores: the ability to cater to clients with one-of-a-kind selections.

Embrace the Boot!

Nigro’s exclusively designed boots are available in-store and online for purchase all year round. Add custom, one-of-a-kind Nigro’s Anderson Bean or Rios of Mercedes boots to your own collection, and experience the quality footwear you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re searching for durable, practical work boots or looking for an eye-catching pair to stomp in style, Nigro’s can help you put your best foot forward. Visit our online store or drop by today!

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