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Designed for Comfort and Style, Built for Performance

Rios of Mercedes at Nigro's Kansas City

Rios of Mercedes – Style meets comfort and performance.

What do you get when you combine high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and exclusive designs? When it comes to Rios of Mercedes, they’ve become referred to as boots that provide “the fit of your life.”

At Nigro’s, we know a little something about boots. After all, our family-owned Western store has been in the boot business for over 75 years. We’ve seen all of them. Worn plenty of them. And stuck with with the best of them. When you work in them, relax in them, go out in them – and still can’t wait to open a box and try on a new pair of them, you know you’ve got a boot that’s  pretty special.

That’s why Nigro’s is proud to partner with Rios of Mercedes. A company of dedicated boot-makers, individuals who understand that great boots should not just look and feel good, they should also be made to last. Rios of Mercedes takes pride in preserving the once timeless tradition of hand-crafted, top-quality boots – boots that demonstrate that comfort, style and durability are not mutually exclusive.

Nigro’s carries the Rios of Mercedes brand not only because of the company’s dedication to craftsmanship and boot quality, but also because these are the boots we wear every day. They’re designed for comfort, they look great, and they easily handle the wear and tear of daily wear.

How Quality Boots Are Made

When you look at a boot, what do you see? Experienced boot-wearers can spot the heel, the seams and stitching, the vamp, and even the insoles. At Nigro’s, when we examine a pair of boots, we see even more. When we look at a boot, we see past the outer leather, past the soles, and into the heart that went into carefully crafting each pair. Every pair Rios of Mercedes Exclusive boots we feature is hand-crafted and designed to excel both in comfort – and in durability.

(Illustration courtesy of Rios of Mercedes.)

The Construction of A Boot

Nigro's Boot Kansas City

Boot cutaway – revealing heal, sole stitching and leather toe reinforcement.

What sets Rios of Mercedes boots apart? It all comes down to craftsmanship. For example, instead of securing the shank with nails, Rios of Mercedes uses lemonwood pegs to hold the shank in place – and to maintain excellent arch support. Wet leather expands so it’s critical to use a material that can expand and contract with the leather – i.e. lemonwood pegs, never nails since nails will work their way out over time.

Another obvious example of Rios of Mercedes craftmanship is the excellent stitching. Beautiful embroidery and incredibly detailed stitching are more than a surface aesthetic. As with all elements of the Rios of Mercedes boot-making process, top-stitching is carefully executed with a purpose. Rios of Mercedes custom stitches through both the top leather and the lining, helping the boot stand tall and allowing it to maintain its shape for years to come.

Nigro's boots - Kansas City

Lemonwood pegs hold shank in place.

This precise and intentional stitching is also used when piecing together the vamp of the boot. While some companies use pig hide or synthetic lining, Rios uses cowhide for the inner lining of the boot. Rios of Mercedes also features a unique cut when preparing boot leather.

Expert craftsmen intentionally cut “backbone to belly” on the cowhide, so the boot perfectly conforms to the foot to resist stretching over time. In addition, exotic skins are cut in perfect pairs. Because of these precise cuts and selection, Rios ends up with more scraps than many boot-makers. Some companies try to force as many pairs of boots out of a piece of leather as possible, but this results in uneven, lesser-quality cuts. Rios of Mercedes is willing to lose the yield to scrap leather to avoid compromised quality.

The foot lining and the outside leather are not glued together like other companies do that machine-last. By hand-lasting, the pieces will pull separately, ensuring a more comfortable fit as the leathers move independently. This way, the outer leather acts as a shell, protecting your foot, but what you feel is the soft cowhide lining against your foot. This way of pairing and hand-lasting the pieces offers the most consistent stretch. Even when working with exotic leathers which stretch differently, the Rios of Mercedes tried-and-true process guarantees the most consistent stretch for your boot and the most comfort for your feet.

And, unlike other companies that use cardboard insoles, Rios of Mercedes uses genuine veg-tan leather. Cardboard insoles will not flex as well as our veg-tan leather insoles will. This means that not only will Rios of Mercedes be more comfortable and breathe better, but they will also last longer and have the ability to be recrafted.

After Rios of Mercedes boots have been painstakingly cut, expertly tailored and precisely stitched, each pair is then exhaustively inspected. Was the leather cut to create a perfectly matched pair? Are heels exactly the same height? Are all threads perfectly trimmed? No question. With Rios of Mercedes, you can be sure of flawless design and craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind style, and a boot that’s built for both longtime comfort and incredible durability.

Rios of Mercedes Barwood FQ - Nigro's

Rios of Mercedes – Barnwood FQ with 13″ Sangria Luster Tops

While a pair of Rios of Mercedes boots may be more expensive upfront –  thanks to handcrafting and high-quality materials – owners will be thankful for the durability, the avoidance of frequent repairs, and the ability to recraft. Customers may spend more money up front, but with Rios you have the ability to recraft the boots and have them for a lifetime depending on how well you care for the leathers.

Isn’t it Time to Own a Pair of Exclusive Quality Boots?

Rios of Mercedes Exclusive boot styles are available only at independent, local Western stores – including Nigro’s Western Apparel. Learn more about David Nigro’s limited quantity lineup or Rios of Mercedes Exclusive Boots here! And explore expertly crafted boots and western wear in our online store or, when in Kansas City, drop in, say hello, and explore Nigro’s entire line of Rios of Mercedes boots!