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Horse Power and Macie Bean – Quality Boots, Budget-Friendly Pricing, from the Rios of Mercedes Family of Brands

Horse Power and Macie Bean from the Rios of Mercedes family of brands were specifically designed to fulfill two specific needs in the cowboy boot world: Quality and Affordability.

Horse Power

When Rios of Mercedes introduced Anderson Bean boots to the public in the early ‘90s, cowboy boot enthusiasts were thrilled to see a more moderately-priced boot option that didn’t sacrifice quality, comfort, or style.

“They” say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but “they” were not referring to the abundance of cheap knockoffs that arrived on the boot scene after the Anderson Bean launch. The knockoff boots presented a somewhat similar look, but the boots lacked attention to detail, durability, and overall quality. At Rios of Mercedes, the emergence of the knockoff brands was a clear sign that there was a segment of customers that were looking for stylish cowboy boots at a lower price point.

Some of the customers in the lower-price category were those who were new to wearing cowboy boots and were looking to “try out” an entry-level boot. Others already owned a pair (or even several pairs) of premium boots, but they were in search of another pair of well-made, mid-priced boots for daily work-wear. Regardless of the motivation, these customers were left with disappointing options. Boots in the value-priced category tended to be subpar reproductions of Anderson Bean styles – poorly constructed by copycat manufacturers overseas. The look of the boots may have been similar, but the craftsmanship, materials, and durability left much to be desired.

After speaking to more than a few customers and reviewing the boots available in the marketplace, Rios of Mercedes determined a stylish, moderately priced boot with all-day comfort had a place in the boot market – but they would also need to be well-made and durable if they were going to be part of the Rios of Mercedes family of brands. This thinking led to the launch of the Horse Power.

Horse Power boots are crafted with the same eye for detail, top-notch materials, and intuitive boot construction that made Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean famous. To keep production costs on the low side, Rios of Mercedes used their long-standing industry connections to partner with the Young Guns factory in Leon, Mexico. Here, they could maintain the quality of Horse Power boots while keeping the price affordable.

Horse Power boots feature hybrid soles, leather linings, leather-stacked heels in various shapes and heights, and several popular toe profiles to choose from. And when it comes to design, there is no lack of unique styling, with designers utilizing a variety of domestic and exotic leathers as well as eye-catching stitchwork.

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Macie Bean

In 2007, Jodi Vaughan of Rios of Mercedes spearheaded the launch of Macie Bean. Just as Rios had done with Horse Power, Vaughan was on a mission to create a moderately priced boot brand for Western-fashion-loving women that valued comfort and style.

Rios of Mercedes brought their Macie Bean designs to the Young Guns factory and applied those same principles that made Horse Power a success to Macie Bean. Artisan-driven designs inspired by the classics and reimagined with innovative details, top-quality leathers, and beautiful stitchwork set Macie Bean boots apart from the rest.