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From wine and cars, to guns and guitars, most collections start with exactly one item. A prized sports car, a fine bottle of wine, an old guitar. The transformation from owner to collector gradually starts when a second item is purchased to join the first. And then a third or fourth. Depending on what is being collected, in no time at all the collection has its own wine cellar, tricked-out garage or home recording studio. Friends stop by and admire the collection – and, often, another collector is then born.

The Cowboy Boot Collection

And so it is with cowboy boots. The cowboy boot aficionado takes great pride in his or her boots, keeps them clean and orderly, and often displays them in any of a number of different ways, the most popular being the boot wall. Whether it’s a collection of a half dozen boots, or a collection of ten dozen pairs, the home boot wall has become a popular way to display one’s prized collection, but it’s also a practical way to store them – or show off the collection to curious friends (and possibly future collectors!). There’s no two ways about it, for those that love cowboy boots, a decked-out boot wall with a broad array of eye-catching boots – in a variety of colors, leathers and styles – is just plain impressive!

The better and more unique the boot, the more impressive the collection. And some of the most impressive boot collections we know of had their start with a purchase made at Nigro’s Western Store. As many regular customers know, Nigro’s goes beyond offering the same boot selections as typical retailers. Nigro’s specializes in offering boots that are incredibly unique – and often extremely hard to come by.

Nigro’s Exclusives – Custom-made for Nigro’s by Anderson Bean and Rios of Mercedes

Nigro’s designs custom boot styles – found no where else in the world – and then collaborates with Anderson Bean and Rios of Mercedes (the best boot makers in the U.S. and beyond), to hand-craft Nigro’s designs into one of a kind boots. Known simply as Nigro’s Exclusives, these boots are sold only at Nigro’s Western Store. (Read more about that process below.) At present Nigro’s has the broadest inventory of Nigro’s Exclusives (in a wide variety of sizes) that we’ve ever had. Collector or not, Nigro’s Exclusives are a great way to start a boot collection – or add to an existing collection!

Although the store’s current inventory of Nigro’s Exclusives is the best Nigro’s has had in some time, there’s no doubt the holiday rush will deplete them. If you see a boot you like and it’s in your size, don’t hesitate. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Their American-made craftsmanship truly makes these boots not only individual works of art, but also boots that you can – and should – wear day in and day out. When taken care of, these exclusive cowboy boots can last a lifetime.

No matter where you’re from, Nigro’s knows western wear lovers can usually find common ground when it comes to appreciating an exceptional pair of boots – or an entire boot collection – so we decided to share a few of Nigro’s customers’ boot collections below!

Check out the impressive boot collections from a few loyal patrons of Nigro’s Western Store!

Inspired to add to your own cowboy boot collection? For a limited time Nigro’s has a vast selection of exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else!

Nigro’s Exclusives: Made for Nigro’s by Rios of Mercedes & Anderson Bean

Some of the most sought-after boots in the world come from two Texas-based boot companies, Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean. Both of these boot-makers employ only the best of the best. The craftspeople that make these magnificent boots are expertly-trained artisans – artisans that apply their decades of leather-crafting experience and their meticulous attention to detail to passionately hand-construct Nigro’s Exclusive boots. Using only the highest quality premium leathers and time-proven boot construction techniques results in the production of some of the finest cowboy boots in the world. Boots that are truly western wear masterpieces – boots built to withstand the toughest conditions a cowboy might come across – whether it be in the field or out on the town.

The Nigro’s Exclusives

It’s because of a commitment to quality that Nigro’s works solely with Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean to produce the striking, one-of-a-kind boots known as Nigro’s Exclusives – cowboy boot designs you’ll find nowhere else. Why are these boot available only at Nigro’s? Because every Nigro’s Exclusive design was created by third-generation Nigro family member, L.D. Nigro. L.D. says his talent for unique cowboy boot designs “draws inspiration from the past” and combines that with the essential features today’s cowboy boot enthusiasts look for in a great boot. And, as styles are depleted for a season, L.D. has already drawn up new ideas and new designs for future Nigro’s Exclusives, new designs that make the ever-evolving styles of Nigro’s Exclusives hugely popular for any collection – whether that be one single pair of cowboy boots, or a pair of boots destined to join a boot wall of hundred and one pairs!

Fully Stocked With New Styles

Nigro’s is stocked, but not for long!

If a pair of Nigro’s Exclusives is on your holiday list – for you or a loved one – don’t hesitate! In early October, Nigro’s stock is at its peak – but from here until the end of the year our supply of styles and sizes in Nigro’s Exclusives will quickly disappear. As the holiday season nears, the stock of Nigro’s Exclusives will dwindle, so if you plan to gift a pair to a friend, family member (or even yourself!), your best chance to order the styles and sizes you need is now!

Click to explore the entire line of Nigro’s Exclusive cowboy boots for men and women made exclusively for Nigro’s by Rios of Mercedes and Anderson Bean! Don’t wait – shop now to get the styles and sizes for all of your holiday (and personal) shopping gift lists completed before we’re out of stock! And, when visiting Kansas City, stop by and see the Nigro family and the complete line of Nigro’s Exclusives at Nigro’s Western Store #1 on Merriam Lane!