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Stay cool and stylish this summer with premium straw cowboy hats from one of the best in the biz – Resistol!

Resistol has a long history with cowboys. The company was founded almost 100 years ago by Harry Rolnick and E.R. Byer in Dallas, Texas. The pair started the business with a focus on quality cowboy hats but quickly expanded their product line to include straw hats to serve cowboys in all climates and seasons, naming it Resistol as a tribute to its ability to “resist all weather.”

Resistol – “We Live It Every Day”

Resistol skyrocketed to success thanks to the company’s commitment to quality. In the process, they developed notable innovations, including applying a kitten finish to their hats for a velvety smooth texture, and self-conforming bands for a better fit. To set themselves even further apart from the competition, Resistol acquired a fur-cutting plant and built its own rough-body plant, making the company the first and only cowboy hat manufacturer to handle the entire process.

Cowboy Hat Features

Resistol cowboy hats come in several styles, making it easy for cowboys and cowgirls to find the perfect fit. Ever wonder how cowboy hats got their distinctive look? It’s an easy guess. When cowboy hats originated in the Wild West era, it was all about functionality.

First and foremost, a hat was essential for keeping the blazing sun off the face and out of the eyes of those who toiled on the range all day. This is thanks to the the distinctive front dip. The crease on top helped keep hats from flying off in high winds or rain and made it easier to grip when taking them on or off. The curved roll on either side became popular because it kept hats out of the way of flying ropes. Felt was a popular choice of material because of its durability, water resistance, and insulation. However, when the summer heat made them too hot to wear, cowboy hat makers opted for lightweight, but surprisingly strong, straw.

Both straw and felt Resistol hats have crowned some of the western community’s most notable figures, including George Strait, who wears them both on and off stage. Movie legend and screen cowboy John Wayne helped popularize the hats, as did rodeo and country music star Chris LeDoux and Jim Shoulders, the famed “Babe Ruth of Rodeo,” just to name a few. Today, Resistol sponsors several associations and events in support of the western way of life and those who live it.

Find the crowning piece of a summer western wardrobe, a Resistol cowboy hat, at Nigro’s Western Store. Shop online for a selection of pre-shaped straw styles with brims in eye-catching weave patterns.

When in the Kansas City area, shop for Resistol straw hats in person and have L.D. Nigro, Nigro’s resident cowboy hat expert, shape it to fit any wearer’s liking on the spot.