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Anderson Bean, a member of the Rios of Mercedes family of brands, has been on a steady roll as one of the most popular names in cowboy boots almost since the day the first pair was crafted in the early ‘90s. Boot enthusiasts give high praise to Anderson Bean’s ability to fuse classic cowboy boot design with fresh new styles – boots that are modern, yet timeless. Anderson Bean Exclusives by Nigro’s are as close to a custom boot as it gets.

Anderson Bean Exclusives by Nigro’s

Anderson Bean stands apart from other boot companies thanks to a dedication to crafting boots that cater specifically to the needs and wearing intentions of the boot-buying customer. To create the best boot for the boot buyer, you have to get to know the boot-wearer. To do this, Anderson Bean works directly with some of the best boot retailers around the country. Boot sellers who work day in and day out with the men and women who ultimately buy and wear Anderson Bean boots.

It’s the feedback from boot buyers to boot retailers, and from boot retailers back to Anderson Bean that enables the company to produce some of the finest handcrafted, American-made boots on the market. Boots designed specifically to match customer lifestyles and customer preferences. The result of this unique feedback process is creating just the right pair of Anderson Bean boots for the individual customer. Cowboy boots that perfectly serve the lifestyle of the cowboy boot buyer – whether that’s in the arena, on the ranch, or out on the town.

From left to right: Ryan & Jodi Vaughan, Anita & David Nigro, Karlee Loch, and Courtney Lairsen at the Rios of Mercedes factory.

Nigro’s Western Store is one of the select retailers that has partnered directly with Anderson Bean. It’s a great relationship between boot seller and boot maker. These strong ties have been forged over many years and many, many conversations. It’s an ongoing cowboy boot dialogue, sometimes by phone, oftentimes in person – as the Nigro family makes frequent trips to the Anderson Bean factory in Mercedes, Texas and the Rios of Mercedes Showroom at the Dallas Market Center.

The Rios of Mercedes’s family of brands – and the actual family that owns the boot-maker – place a high value on their relationships with family-owned retailers like Nigro’s Western Store. And these relationships have resulted in a high-quality, limited edition (almost “one-of-a-kind”) boot for customers – known as “Exclusives” – designed in collaboration with Anderson Bean and select boot retailers, including Nigro’s Western Store.

Anderson Bean Exclusives by Nigro’s are designed by David Nigro – or L.D. as most know him (limiting some confusion between L.D. and his father, David Nigro Sr.). L.D.’s years of retailing cowboy boots on the sales floor at Nigro’s have been invaluable in understanding the nuances of boot fit, the evolution of boot styles, the wear traits of various leathers – and deep expertise in boot customers, their wants and needs – and how their boots were used in work and in play.

The knowledge gained on the sales floor at Nigro’s has paired well with L.D.’s knowledge in the craft of boot making – gained through frequent and lengthy trips to the Rios factory. His knowledge of leather and hides, leather color and texture, and his natural design and aesthetic abilities have all combined to make L.D. exceptionally talented in designing striking styles for Anderson Bean Exclusives by Nigro’s. L.D. still pays careful attention each day at Nigro’s on the sales floor, knowing every customer lends a chance to gain new knowledge that might strike a chord when it comes to boot fit, wear, and style. And, in the years since L.D. started designing the Nigro’s Exclusives line of Anderson Bean boots, his designs have gained traction with boot enthusiasts throughout the country – and even internationally – and they keep a sharp eye out (sometimes every day!) for new Exclusives on the Nigro’s website!

Designing an Anderson Bean Nigro’s Exclusive

When it comes to designing a pair of Nigro’s Exclusives by Anderson Bean, the process is, in a word, extensive. Every last detail of each boot is thoroughly selected by L.D., which requires deep knowledge of style preferences and how different elements will look together on a finished boot while maintaining the key attributes that are inherent to a pair of Anderson Bean boots.

L.D.’s collection of leather samples.

One of the number one things boot wearers notice about Anderson Bean is the immense variety of standard and exotic leathers used to craft the boots. The company meticulously sources only the highest quality leathers from ethical sources and L.D. has hundreds of options to work with when designing a pair of Exclusives.

But having an almost unlimited supply of leathers to work with also comes with its challenges. Finding a complementary match between vamp leather and top leather takes a discerning eye and requires keen consideration for each leather’s effect on the final look of the boot. There are literally thousands of possible leather combinations – and choosing leathers is only the first of many decisions in the design process!

L.D. shared each step he takes when designing a pair of Anderson Bean Exclusives, but you’ll have to stay tuned to this space for the next blog where we’ll deep-dive into the full process! 

L.D. Nigro

To wrap up part one of the story of Nigro’s Exclusives from Anderson Bean, it’s important to know that L.D. (and the whole Nigro family), as well as the boot experts at Rios of Mercedes, are committed to bringing customers the best-of-the-best when it comes to cowboy boots. After all, a pair of Anderson Beans is more than just a pair of boots. Anderson Beans can be an essential tool for the working cowboy, a statement piece for western wear enthusiasts – or any of a thousand wear uses in between – which is why each pair is designed to deliver quality, durability, fit, and style that continues to resonate every time the owner slides on their favorite cowboy boot.

When it comes to a boot built to last decades, finding a style that really speaks to you is essential. That’s why L.D. commits so much time to designing Exclusive styles for Nigro’s customers. The Nigro’s Exclusive collection of boots by Anderson Bean cannot be found at other retailers – which provides boot lovers the chance to find a truly unique pair that matches their exact cowboy boot preferences. One thing to note, as you shop online or in-store, if you find a pair of Exclusives you like, don’t hesitate. Each Anderson Bean Exclusive design has a very limited production run. When they are gone, it can take months to restock!


Nigro’s Western Store’s selection of Anderson Bean Exclusives changes frequently. Don’t miss out on a unique style available only at Nigro’s – check back often!


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